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ॐ About Us

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About us: Provide quality, affordable spiritual products for those on their own unique spiritual journey. Our commitment to helping you "Surround Yourself and Reflect Within" on your spiritual path is the foundation of  Om Stuff. We want you to enjoy the experience the products offer unconditionally.

If you are around the Edmonton Area you can find us attending many of the spiritual events each year offered within our region, sharing and taking part in volunteer programs, sponsorships, and group events.  Do you have an event or sponsorship you would like ॐ Om Stuff to take part in? Let us know how we can contribute Contact Us.

We operate out of beautiful Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Edmonton is known as the  Capital of Alberta and for West Edmonton Mall, one of the world's largest malls offering something for everyone who experiences it.


Learn How We Are Giving Back! |  Learn more about us by visiting our Blog.

About Om Stuff

"Silence.. is not empty, it is full of answers."
~ Unknown